We stock a range of heat pump ancillary products to assist and support your heat pump installation.

    • Heat Pump Guards - Metal

      Heat Pump Guards - Metal

    • Heat Pump Guards - Wood

      Heat Pump Guards - Wood

    • Flexi lite – Slab Kit

      Flexi lite – Slab Kit

    • Condenser Mounting Bracket

      Condenser Mounting Bracket

    • Slim Duct

      Slim Duct

    • Soakaway for ASHP

      Soakaway for ASHP

    • Condenser Tubing for draining

      Condenser Tubing for draining

    • Electrical Isolator Switches

      Electrical Isolator Switches

    • Weatherproof Insulation

      Weatherproof Insulation

    • Through Wall Kit 22-28mm

      Through Wall Kit 22-28mm

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